Our Story

The story of the Arlington Forest Protection Society starts in early June 2020 when some neighbours along Arlington Road discovered that a logging company was building a road to clear-cut 46.7 acres of forest.  The 46.7 acre parcel of mature forest and wetlands, is situated between privately owned lands that create a 450 acre wildlife corridor.  Clear-cutting would not only break up the corridor but would also require cutting through the wetlands.  

Rather than standing by and watching as a forest was destroyed, the neighbours reached out to the owner and asked if he would sell the property.  The answer was yes, but with a hefty asking price of $80,000 (plus HST).  A decision was made unanimously to raise the money by crowdfunding, and to establish a not-for-profit to purchase the property.  

All summer donations were received and put aside for the purchase of the land. Some cheques were big, some were anonymous, and some came in the form of rolls of coins.  Big or small, the only thing that mattered was: Every. Little. Bit. Helped.     

By the end of August 2020 enough money had been raised to meet the asking price, but additional funds were needed to cover the HST and legal fees.  Local artists graciously donated pieces of their work to an online art auction.  The auction was a success and all the funds needed were raised.

Meanwhile work was being completed in the background to establish the not-for-profit.  On September 29, 2020 the Arlington Forest Protection Society was incorporated with the Registry of Joint Stocks, Nova Scotia.  

The Arlington Forest Protection Society took ownership of the 46.7 acres on January 18, 2021.  

The 46.7 acres remains intact, and the biodiverse ecosystem will continue to thrive, cleaning the air, protecting the groundwater and supporting the life of thousands of species, including migratory birds and local barred owls.