About the Society

The Arlington Forest Protection Society  was established in 2020 to protect and conserve forests along the North Mountain of the Annapolis Valley in order to preserve biodiversity, create wildlife corridors, and prevent clear-cutting of mature and old growth forests through the acquisition and/or donation of land to the Society.

Our Vision 

A world in which nature has the right to exist and thrive. 

Our Mission

To foster long-term caring relationships with the land in order to protect biodiversity, species-at-risk, and the Wabanaki-Acadian Forest by identifying their positive influence on planet health, providing opportunities to connect with the land, and participating in projects and educational programming. 

Our Values


We believe in building a long-term relationship with the land in order to protect biodiversity and species at risk and to play an active role in fighting climate change.  


We believe in raising awareness of the climate emergency, the value and benefits of standing forests, and the opportunity for Members to be part of building the solution.


We believe that all Members are passionate about the environment and are driven to use their knowledge and skills to help the Society achieve its vision.  


We believe that actions are louder than words, and that it is time to start building small-scale solutions so everyone can be involved.


We believe in treating others how we would like to be treated, the Society is built on a framework of inclusivity and respect.

Rights of Nature

We believe that nature should have legal status similar to corporations and numbered companies. 

In the News

The Arlington Forest Protection Society is  grateful to the following Citizen Scientists for their enthusiasm, dedication, perseverance and love of nature: Ashlea Viola, Bonnie McOrmond, Donna Crossland, Frances Anderson, Geoff Agombar, Gini Proulx, Harold Clapp, Jane Borecky, Jonathan Riley, Joseph Johnson, Julie Palmer, Karen Achenbach, Larry Neily, Laura Bright, Lisa Proulx, Lorraine Ascott, Nina Newington, Robert Bright and Rhonda O'Grady.